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10 Ban System is Now Live

League of Legend's 10 Ban System is now live in Ranked Queue.

RIOT's Ultimate Goal for this new Banning System are: To make champ select fairer for everyone, to give everyone more control over ban phase,and if possible to lower the time takes to get to game (six bans,six picks,4 bans, 4 picks).

This new Banning System gives everyone a fair chance to choose a ban. Each player can directly ban 1 champion that they don't like withing 35 seconds. While in the banning phase you can't see the enemy team's ban.

After both teams lock their choices, that is where each team's bans are revealed to the other. So duplicate ban is possible.

Everyone gets a ban
Equal ban power for everyone
Shortens champ select significantly
Lowest chance of permabanned champs

Duplicate bans might feel like a waste
Lower strategic intent
Inconsistency to pro play

Still, RIOT continue to monitor the current Banning System as RIOTMeddler said, 
Looking at its effects so far they look pretty good, with champ select times down noticeably, dodge rates(deliberate or accidental) no higher than before and annecdotal feedback fairly posstive. Still monitoring all of those things though of course.

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