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Rune Reforge

Riot wants to change the current Rune System and change it into something new.

They are concerned to the problems that the current system have.

"At the moment, runes aren’t delivering on this type of goal. Runes frequently require some very obtuse mastery, with low visibility impacts, leading them to be unsatisfying for most players. They offer little skill expression. It’s hard to outplay 9 armor or 4.5% movespeed, for example, and it’s hard to examine what those choices do for you moment-to-moment or across hundreds of games. Surprisingly to most, they also represent a very large block of power in the early game. This is not to say that Runes don’t have positive elements, but we think there’s tremendous space to make improvements," Lead Designer Fearless said.

More details about this will be coming in a few days.

Mastery Update

As RIOT announced both mastery and rune system will merge into a one system so the mastery will also get an update and this is a sample image that shows the effect of the new mastery system.

Like the Rune Reforge more details will be coming in a few weeks.

Honor System

This is the new UI that RIOT works with the new Honor system.

The following details are given by some Rioter's who jumped on reddit and social media to discuss the feature systems and answer questions.


Individual honors per game aren't tied to most of the system rewards. For Honor, the idea is recognizing consistent good vibes rather than just one standout performance like Champ Mastery.The one reward type (no spoilers) that is tied to per-game honors weights honors from strangers higher than those from premades.

It's a fresh start and current Honor points are going away. BUT we're planning a proper funeral for old honor and a small gift for players who stacked honor in previous years. Details to come after new Honor launches.

Everyone will get all their key fragments through Honor from launch day forward. Just like today, all you really need to get all your key fragments is play games and not get hit with penalties. We're keeping the bar for key fragments low, so we can put more emphasis on the high-end rewards of the system. No spoilerinos on those today tho.

All the free key fragments drops will come through Honor, BUT the nuts and bolts of the system remain the same. You get your key fragments on semi-random drops just by playing games and not getting hit with penalties. It's a pretty low bar to clear. You will not need to Honor beg to get your key frags because holy shit that'd be obnoxious. Also, to besuper clear, the number of free key fragments is not moving up or down with this change

More details will be coming in a couple of days so stay tuned guys.

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